Public Awareness: “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” – the Movie

The documentary DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE, inspired by the research recounted in Dr. Rick Strassman’s best-selling book by the same name, has been picked up by Warner Bros distributing and is now available for rent, purchase, download, and streaming from a large number of sites (  Cottonwood is proud to have been the movie’s fiscal sponsor. Kudos to producer Mitch Schultz for completing the outstanding film and so successfully marketing it.

As an indication of the movie’s popularity, in January 2012 the Guild Theater in Albuquerque scheduled two screenings for the film with Rick Strassman and Andrew Stone (secretary-treasurer of Cottonwood) in attendance to take questions and provide valuable background to the film.  In addition, many former volunteers joined in an contributed their perspective of having participated.  A third screening was hastily scheduled and that, too, sold out!

We have copies of the DVD for sale.  The cost of the DVD is tax-deductible.  If you order it through our site, Dr. Strassman will inscribe and sign the case (or DVD) at your request.

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